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Skin Care Clinic

Custom Skin Care for all ages

Custom Skin Care for all ages

Custom Skin Care for all agesCustom Skin Care for all agesCustom Skin Care for all ages

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Kristie Isaac RN 

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Blog - Skin Care & Healthy Aging Education

Blog Skin Care & Healthy Aging Education Postwritten by Kristie Isaac RN, The "Anti Aging Nurse"

Each month I cover a new topic. The topics are based on questions my clients are asking about skin care & healthy aging.  Please contact me @ rnagemanagement@gmail.com w/blog post topic in the subject line if there are topics you would like to hear more about.  Thank you for reading my blog!

Disclaimer: This information is solely based on my personal knowledge and experience.  This information is not 


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Kristie Isaac, The "Anti-Aging" Nurse

Anti aging nurse opens first skin care business in mahomet IL

Kristie Isaac RN BSN

Kristie Isaac Registered Nurse



Skin Care Clinic of Mahomet, IL


Kristie's Background

Kristie was a Cosmetologist before becoming a Registered Nurse.  She has over 20 years of experience in ICU, Emergency Room, & 3 yrs as a Nursing Supervisor.  She has over a decade of experience in the Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Industry.  She has completed  hundreds of hours of specialized training to become an expert Aesthetic Nurse Injector.  Her mission is to help people of all ages look their best.  She has created a new business model making healthy skin affordable  for working men/women.without sacrificing quality. Generations Skin Care Clinic was created together with Kristies sister, mother, & daughter - 3 generations of women, all w/different skin care concerns.